2-233-150x150Ms. Tracey Ingram, M.A., CCC/A, M.S., OTR, is an experienced Clinical Audiologist and Occupational Therapist. She is the author of Disabled World Travels (c), which is a fun educational series that empowers people with disabilities and chronic disease with tips to help overcome some of the barriers. As a world traveler and clinician she has witnessed firsthand situations that people with disabilities have been discriminated against, treated poorly, and misunderstood.

Each chapter discusses specific disabilities and then reveals solutions so you can have a more successful travel experience. An occupational therapist is interested in the ability of any individual to participate in meaningful life endeavors such as traveling, despite the existence of any dysfunction. This new series is loaded with travel resources which will improve the way you plan your next journey and connect you with other travelers via forums who also have a variety of disabilities. The author encourages everyone to seek specific medical advice from their doctors. This series is for educational purposes only.

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