Volume 1 Just Released! Accessible travel options for people with disabilities Just Released!!!

Maybe you are a single female with low vision, a middle aged male who is hearing impaired, or a senior citizen diagnosed with COPD who requires a wheel chair and uses a portable oxygen concentrator.Perhaps you had a heart attack and have been advised for the first time in your life to take it easy, but struggle with the slower pace of your life? Maybe you have been diagnosed with macular degeneration and need someone to help you drive? Do you still want to travel but feel that your disability limits you?

Volume 1 of the new series, The Disabled World Travels can help you think about traveling in a different way. Perhaps your dream is to visit Rome. Maybe your grand kids live in California and you’d love to visit them. Perhaps you’d like to simply take a day trip or a long scenic drive.

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How would you like to be better informed and have less stress with travel preparations? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a checklist with pertinent questions to ask when you are booking a hotel room, taking a cruise or a flight? Packing your bags and carrying them with you can be tiring. How about joining a free club that will deliver your luggage to your destination or never run out of oxygen when traveling? Hearing aid users can now experience increased clarity with new technology.

Some of the specific topics discussed in the first volume include tips for the visually impaired, hearing impaired, wheelchair accessible solutions, traveling with mobility issues, traveling with oxygen, traveling with medication, finding accessible homes to rent, and so much more.

You’ll want to bookmark this site and check back frequently because new articles and blog posts will continually be added as well as new books in the series.

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