Diabetic Precautions for Exercising

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The following are precautions for all people with diabetes, whether type 1 or 2.

1. Check with your doctors before starting any exercise program. Your doctors will have recommendations on how often you should perform your exercises for your lifestyle.
2. You will want to warm up before exercising and take the time to cool down afterwards.
3. Strenuous strength training is not recommended for people with uncontrolled diabetes. Such exercises can strain weak blood vessels in the eyes.
4. Always wear protective footwear at home and in public to help avoid wounds, cuts, bruises, and injuries to the feet.
5. Take precautions with your glucose levels. Glucose levels swing dramatically during exercise. Monitor before, during, and afterwards.
6. If you take medications to lower blood glucose prior to starting a workout you will need to take special precautions.
7. If your glucose levels are about 300mg/dl or under 100mg/dl you should probably avoid exercise
8. Always carry food or glucose tablets so you will be ready to treat hypoglycemia.
9. Always wear your medical identification

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