Difficulty hearing on the phone?

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If you know someone who has difficulty hearing on the telephone there is help available. Sorenson Communications is the company behind CaptionCall. Sorenson has been offering technology and services since 1995, so you know that you have a high quality phone with a worldwide leader in telecommunication relay services. CaptionCall can help you understand every word of the phone call with the large easy to read screen. The phone is very attractive and I recently had one installed for my hearing impaired Dad. It works like a regular phone so you dial like you always had.

If you wear hearing aids and struggle with the phone you can speak to your Audiologist about this product. There may be other products on the market that will be able to assist you much better. The captioning service is funded by the FCC so you don’t have any extra monthly charges.

The phone is FREE if you have a hearing impairment. You will need some very basic requirements: A high speed internet connection, standard home phone connection, and a standard phone electrical outlet. Start getting more from your conversations today. For your Free phone Use Promo code ES1000. To order your CaptionCall today Call 1-877-557-2227 or go to CaptionCall.com

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