Having Digestive Problems? Top Foods to Avoid

There are many foods to avoid when you’re having digestive problems. The most important thing to realize is that during this time you want your food to be as bland as possible and to avoid food being digested to quickly or slowly.
1. Spicy Foods
2. Dairy
3. Acidic Foods (Tomato sauce, citrus fruits, and carbonated beverages)
4. Fatty Foods (Butter, icecream, red meat, and cheese)
5. Fried Foods (Consumption of fried foods slows down the emptying of the stomach)
6. Processed Foods (Lack fiber and can give you gas and worsen and discomfort)
7 Artificial Sweeteners (Sorbitol is hard to digest and found naturally in some fruits (prunes, apples, and peaches). It is also a sweetener for gum an diet foods.
8. Alcohol (Too much can cause indigestion)
9. Caffeine (Stimulates the gastrointestinal tract making the contents move too quickly and can cause diarrhea.
10. Spoiled Foods/Sweet or Salty foods

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