Hearing Loss and Fall Prevention


Having a hearing loss makes it difficult to communicate with your family, friends, and greatly increases your risk of falling. A new study recently discovered that a mild decrease in hearing ability can triple your chance of taking a fall. If you suspect a family member has a hearing loss you should schedule a hearing evaluation with an Audiologist. An Audiologist may recommend hearing aids or other assistant listening devices such as amplified phones, a pocket talker, specialized loud alarm clocks, smoke detectors, and many other products.

A hearing evaluation should be performed annually because hearing can change over time. Hearing aids purchased years ago may no longer be appropriate for the loss today. It’s important to get a checkup regularly. I once referred to a woman who wore hearing aids and never changed the battery. Because she was a great lip reader, people assumed she could hear and they never thought to refer her for a hearing evaluation.

Besides treating the hearing loss there are other ways to decrease the risk for falls, which can include exercise to improve strength, Tai-Chi, wear rubber soled shoes, and get the eyes, examined regularly.

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