Low vision travelers – Top 8 Tips


Globally, in 2002, more than 161 million people were classified with a visual impairment, with greater than 124 million classified with low vision, and 37 million were legally blind. Many people who fall in the low vision category can use their residual vision to complete their daily tasks without the use of technology. Here are 8 tips to use when traveling.

1. When planning a trip be sure to have directions written down before leaving, especially if you cannot read them. You can use this by showing the written information to someone else if you get lost. Carry a copy of the exact address of your location.
2. Be sure to inform everyone including the travel agency, hotel, and all travel partners about the fact you are visually impaired.
3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you cannot see a sign or monitor, ask police officer or customer service representative to help.
4. Always carry the most important necessities in your carry-on, such as your money, medication, keys, tickets, and essentials.
5. Be sure to carry your cane. The cane easily identifies you as visually impaired.
6. Always ask for discounts. I was on a tour with a woman in London who was visually impaired. She told me about all these amazing discounts and freebies she received when traveling!
7. Be sure to research accommodations and destinations prior to your arrival. This is BIG. Be sure you can be accommodated.
8. Enhance your sensory experience by going on tours that will allow you to touch objects.

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