Traveling with Medications

If you take prescription medication it is important that you pack all of your essential medications in your carry-on bag. I traveled to a conference in Venice Italy and upon arrival to the hotel, a couple attending the conference were very upset about their baggage. The gentleman apparently was taking a number of medications and they had checked all of their baggage at the ticket counter. They thought they were safe because the flight was direct and there should be no concern. They were frantically calling his physician in the states to speak to the pharmacist in Italy. It turns out that their baggage did not arrive for 3 days. Can you imagine?

Be sure to carry a laminated copy of all of your prescriptions, and a letter from your doctor which describes your medications, diagnosis, and all of your requirements. The letter should also contain the physicians first and last name, phone numbers, and emergency contact information. Travel with all of your medication in their labeled containers. Take a copy of your immunization records and your health insurance card. If you are diabetic and use insulin, bring several unopened vials and store them in at least 2-3 places. Can you think of any other suggestions when traveling with medications? I would love to hear from you. Be sure to write your comments below.

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