Traveling with Oxygen – Part 2

Part 2

Tips on using Oxygen Safely
Although oxygen is a safe gas and is nonflammable, traveling with oxygen can be very intimidating for the inexperienced. It is very important to plan ahead and follow general oxygen safety guidelines. Here are some helpful tips recommended by the American Lung Association:

a. It is important to not use oxygen around open flames, such as cigarettes, cigars, lighters, matches, or candles
b. It is critical that you not use oxygen around other sources of heat, such as electric or gas heaters and/or stoves.
c. Avoid using creams, lotions, or any products containing petroleum
d. Oxygen cylinders need to be stored safely in a secure, upright position in an approved place for storage
e. When not in use oxygen valves need to be turned off
f. Pay attention to the safety instructions recommended by your oxygen supply company.

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