Traveling with Oxygen – Part 3

Part 3
What are the guidelines when traveling with oxygen by air?

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires a physician’s statement which details your oxygen needs in order to fly on a commercial airline. The FAA regulations are subject to change without notice. For the most current guidelines, you will want to contact the airline you will be using. The FAA forbids the use of privately supplied oxygen and you must use the oxygen supplied by the airline that you are flying. The airlines can support your personal oxygen equipment provided it meets certain labeling requirements set by the carrier. You will need to contact the airlines that you are using in advance because they all have their own policies and procedures.

Most airlines will require a letter from your physician that will have to be approved. Please keep in mind the airline will charge an extra fee to cover the oxygen they provide. It is best to have a direct flight whenever possible. Some airlines will charge per each leg of the flight. If you have to change planes you could potentially be charged twice. Airlines also do not provide oxygen for in-terminal use. If you are making a connection or have a layover between flights you will need to make oxygen arrangements from an outside supplier.

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